Image of Wool Fabric Collection - Spectrum

Wool Fabric Collection - Spectrum


My collaboration with Weeks Dye Works is an exciting mash up of sewing with wool + bright and bold colors (and some calm ones too), super for a modern palette. I could not be more thrilled to present these collections, and there are a lot of choices! Charm sets in Warm, Cool, and Spectrum (all 18 colors) groups. Please see the drop down menu and the different listings for all of the choices. I cannot wait to see what you will make!

Technical Information:

Charm set in warm and cool palettes are nine colors, approximately 8" squares of each. Spectrum charm sets include all 18 colors.

This wool fabric is naturally dyed and is beautiful! The natural dye process creates color variation in the fabrics which adds to the beauty and uniqueness of the final product.

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